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10 March

What Defines a Great Consultant

There are plenty of skills needed to be a great consultant, however, we have gathered the top skills we require our consultants at N e x c o n to have.


For one, as a consultant, you need to be the expert in what you’re talking about. You must know the ins and outs of your industry, the data in your country, along with relevant data of the local areas. No customer will care to work with someone who is only there to get paid and give their brief opinion.

Build Trust

As the expert of your industry, you must build a relationship to further build trust with your clients, and the company. There are many problems that may arise with the company or individual customers and it is your job to understand what they value or what they may be willing to negotiate.

Be in Charge

Just like you need to build trust and be the teacher, you must be confident in what you speak about and know to articulate yourself fully. Not everyone will like you and therefore it is your responsibility to be confident in your skills and portray yourself in the best way. In addition, the wide variety of individuals coming in means that not everyone will be nearly knowledgeable as you are. It is your job to demonstrate your skills and knowledge to get them to listen and understand you.

Strong Work Ethic

A lot of the time, the work you are willing to put in will determine the success you receive. If you’ve obtained the previous skills mentioned and you work hard to know the material and portray yourself well, then you’ll have the energy and motivation to work through any problem.

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