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Nexcon Partners

The Name

n e x c o n  represents the next generation in consulting. We understand that while start-up firms, small business companies, and large corporations share similar challenges, yet each organization faces unique challenges that are specific to their size and life-cycle stages.

n e x c o n   p a r t n e r s, an association of independent consultants each with their specific expertise and qualification to cover a wide range of knowledge and skill sets, offer bespoke services tailor-made for every organization regardless of the size, revenue, and maturity level. Yet, one thing all programs have in common is the same, exceptional level of diligence, determination, and dependability of our services.

We know that the only thing that counts for you as a customer is professionalism and results. This is why the only thing that counts for us is your success.


Who We Are

n e x c o n   p a r t n e r s was founded by Dr. Oliver H. Burckhardt, who serves as its principal and managing consultant.

Oliver earned his Master’s degree in Physics from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany and his Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership from University of Phoenix. An accomplished professional who has held several management positions in the high-tech, automotive and aviation industries for more than 20 years, Oliver specializes in organizational and leadership development with emphasis on crisis and change management.

His expertise in streamlining complex organizations and developing strategies that promote leadership and organizational efficiency, has increased the profitability of organizations in diverse industries while ensuring the sustainability of business models in volatile environments. Being a transnational leadership and business consultant, Oliver’s experience with American, Asian, and European business and cultures has allowed him to build and maintain strong client and alliance partner relationships.

Oliver, who holds dual citizenship of Germany and the USA and thus unrestricted work permits for the USA and the European Union is supported by a network of independent consultants and business specialist whose expertise ensure that  n e x c o n   p a r t n e r s  can cover a wide range of consulting projects across various industries.

Why Chose Us

Because we understand that organizations can only be successful if strategies, technologies, and environmental conditions are combined in a way that create strong synergies for the benefit your organization.

Because n e x c o n   p a r t n e r s’ versatile background, allows us to develop frameworks of intertwined strategies and systems offering a high level of integration to cover all facets your organization’s business model.

Because of our individualized approach based on your challenges we offer:

  • taylor-made programs to fit any budget
  • highly competitive daily all-in rates with no hidden fees and surcharges
  • global presence and proven experience with intercultural leadership
  • access to a vast research network
  • access to a network of experienced versatile consultants

What Sets Us Apart

n e x c o n   p a r t n e r s is comprised of a network of independent consultants who offer a wide variety of experience from various industries. therefore, we are able to provide our clients with tailor-made consulting programs designed to achieve strategic objectives in a timely and cost effective manner.

because we understand  that conceptual knowledge, technical proficiency, and  human skills combined with agility, situational awareness, and contingency preparedness are pivotal for organizational success,  we provide an integrative approach that aligns your organization’s goals with your business model and stakeholders as well as with its core and enabling technologies.

we strive to not only meet our client’s objectives concerning growth and profitability but to also ensure the sustainability of your business.

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