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23 March

Technology Statistics

Saying that technology is simply a growing industry would be an incredible understatement. Technology is growing as other fields such as electricity, technological devices, automotive, aviation, and other specific industries are growing too.


The automobile industry has contributed to 2.2 percent increase in Gross Domestic Product in its fourth quarter of 2018. This number relates to the 1,626,841 vehicles sold in 2018, up by 24, 352 from the prior year. The top-selling models are the FordĀ  F-Series, followed by 20,000 less sold of the Chevrolet Silverado. In the top ten models sold, Honda reoccurs three times with the Toyota and Chevrolet both having two spots in the leaderboard.


The aviation industry has contributed to 5.1 percent of the United State’s Gross Domestic Product. With its thousands of jobs created and the 2.6 million passengers who fly daily in and out of the United States only, it is no surprise how important this field has become. This number is only expected to grow as we find new ways to transport passengers and freight (currently at over 42.5 billion a year!) over the upcoming years.


Technology incorporates plenty of aspects, such as semiconductors and EMSI (electronic manufacturing service industry). The global semiconductors sales account for 477.94 billion dollars in 2018 alone, up by 65.72 billion dollars from the year before. The estimated sales for 2019 is 490.14. The EXMI, a cybersecurity tech company, has allowed for 1,902 jobs in 2018, created a growth of 3.8%. Its top company is Amazon and its top skill is cryptography.


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